Xero Impact: 5 Ways Xero Saves Entrepreneurs Time & Money


Xero is a cloud-based accounting system loaded with features that save you time. It’s easy to use, even if you aren’t used to bookkeeping, and it integrates seamlessly with online selling platforms like Amazon and Shopify. Let’s take a look at five ways Xero saves you time and makes the bookkeeping and accounting side of your business a breeze.

1.    Xero goes where you go

All of Xero’s main features are available across multiple platforms. That means, whether you are at your home computer, in the field, or even on vacation, you can log in on your laptop, mobile phone, desktop, or tablet to do reconciliations, send invoices, track expenses, submit claims, and more.

2.    Xero is scalable

Xero is suitable for all businesses, from those just starting out to established corporations. You can invest in Xero Starter, Xero Standard – which is the most popular product, or Xero premium. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be paying under $50 (USD) a month, and have the ability to move up or down in the brackets as your business changes.

3.    You can try Xero for free

There is no need to pay for the features of Xero during the first 30 days. Although we are sure you’ll love it, you get to give it a test drive. The first 30 days allows you to try every feature from every pricing bracket, and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up for the trial.

4.    Xero is cloud-based

Cloud accounting is the faster, more secure, more reliable way to track your finances. In addition to having your information hosted on secure servers, you never have to worry about doing your own upgrades or security patches. Those are done at Xero HQ and immediately available to all customers.

5.    24/7 Support

Local Xero advisors help you set up and integrate the system and are on hand to answer questions and offer support. Additional support is available 24/7 at Xero Central, where you’ll find FAQ, courses, program guides, and live webinars.

AF Accounting and Xero

AF Accounting has been a Xero Gold partner since 2016, and we continue to help businesses across Canada save time and money with this progressive cloud-based system. Modern businesses need modern solutions, and e-commerce enterprises need a system that works with Shopify and Amazon Seller Central. Xero is the all-in-one accounting solution for businesses of all types and sizes. We can help you get Xero set up for your business, and answer any questions you may have. Learn more about AF Accounting and Xero on our website or send us a query through our online form.

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