Working from Home? Here Are 4 Essentials for Productivity


Are you working from home permanently or under a hybrid model? Or are you one of the many Canadians that have decided to launch a home-based business or engage in e-commerce? If so, there are a few things you will need to keep your efficiency and productivity high.

1.      A quiet space

Ideally every person working from home would have a full room to convert into an office, or a space in the basement or garage that is warm, inviting and prefect for the workday. The reality is usually the opposite. Bedrooms are in use; the basement is unfinished and nobody wants to work from a garage during a Canadian winter. So, get creative! Is there a closet that can be cleaned out and a small table put in for your laptop? Add a notepad and some décor of your choice and then simply close the doors when not in use. This setup can give you a small space to get the job done. Are there other areas where room can be found? How about under a staircase? If all else fails, invest in a roller desk that can be covered, locked, and moved as needed.

2.      The right chair

You need an office chair. If you are going to be at a computer all day, don’t be slumped on your bed or sitting on a hard dining room chair. Office chairs are ergonomically correct to help you with posture and comfort. Be sure to sit up straight and have your back supported. While a good chair is essential to your health, so is getting up and moving around. Use reminders on your smartwatch, phone or computer to encourage you to get up and move around at least once an hour.

3.      Lighting

Staring at a screen or notepad all day? Be sure to have the right kind of lighting. Also don’t overlook the benefits of natural light. Especially in the winter, natural light can help relieve seasonal depression. Natural light also helps boost vitamin D.

4.      An Accountant

Whether you work from home with your own business or as an employee, there is a lot to know about bookkeeping and accounting. What is an allowable expense? What has changed for allowables and reporting due to COVID? Under a hybrid model, does commuting count as a deduction? What receipts do you need to keep? An accountant that works with individuals, businesses, small business owners and e -commerce business owners will help you with all of this.

AF Accounting is the modern firm helping people like you with the needs they have now. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or you have launched a start-up, whether you work from home for an employer or under a hybrid model, you likely have plenty of questions about how to stay compliant with CRA and handle your bookkeeping. We have a full suite of services to handle all your accounting needs, or we can set you up with a cloud-based solution and provide support through Xero or A2X. We also have one-time or short term services to help you set budgets, check financials, handle tax time, and meet your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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