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We are a CPA certified firm with a proven track record to simplify the accounting process for our clients. We are A2X experts, the financial tool of choice for most Amazon businesses. Our accounting packages will support all of your requirements: from getting started to a complete set of accounting services. As an e-commerce accountant, we leverage all technologies and cloud platforms to collaborate with our clients thus making the process simple and efficient.

In due course, several SMB business owners encounter these 3 questions in their entrepreneurial journey

I need more money to grow my business? (Sales, Financing or Partnering?)

How do I minimize my tax exposure while mitigating audit risks?

Wow, I can't believe it's time to sell my successful business?

For all of the above, having your books and financial statements in great standing is paramount. We'd like to partner with you and be your CPA firm of choice.

Accounting is not a Scorecard, it's your Report Card on how well you manage your business/money. Stellar accounting facilitates access to funding & allows you to grow your business.

Our packages are designed to support our clients in the three most common stages of their business journey.


  • Start-Ups &/or Self-Employed Incorporated
  • Bookkeeping is low volume & can be managed in-house
  • Require the support of a CPA firm to build proper financial foundation


  • Sales numbers are up & growing in the right direction
  • Bookkeeping volume is medium/high & it is best to outsource to a CPA firm
  • Require the support of a CPA firm to:
    • optimize our tax exposure
    • reduce our audit risk exposure
    • produce strong financial statements


  • Tenured businesses & steady revenue stream
  • Bookkeeping volume is high & the current processes require optimization. It is best to adopt/optimize our cloud accounting practices.
  • Require the support of a CPA firm to be a partner in our growth strategy by proving key advisory

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We can get your Amazon eCommerce business setup to be CRA compliant.
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