Helping Your Staff Cope with Stress


Leading a team is about more than running an efficient and productive workplace. It’s also about inspiring your staff and maintaining high morale – something very challenging to achieve in 2020. With the threat of COVID-19 in place, your team is either at work under strict safety protocols or working from home. Your team members may also be dealing with illness, worry about the school year, compromised incomes, and lack of access to childcare. It’s a stressful time for all. This blog discusses some ways to support your team during the uncertainly of 2020 – and beyond.

Rethink the work week

Sick employees cannot be on site at work. Sick children cannot go to school. Provide some flexibility for this eventuality where parents must stay home to mind a child, or an employee calls in and will not be at work for two weeks. Consider re-organizing the work week into tasks that the employee can do either at work or at home on their own schedule. Where this is not possible, cross train employees so tasks can be delegated to at-work team members.

Open and honest communication

Employees like to be in the know. If the business is struggling and cuts need to be made, be upfront about this. Avoid blindsiding your team. Keep them informed of issues and how management is handling them. If layoffs are imminent, help your team access support such as Employment Insurance by providing links to the application site or having them discuss support options with your HR team.

Take advantage of federal support

The Government of Canada has several programs in place to support businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations. We’ve provided a detailed overview of these supports in our 10-part blog series. Check out which supports will best help your team. It could be the work sharing program, the business credit program, etc.

Take care of yourself

As the boss or manager, you cannot lead if you are in distress. Remember to take care of yourself. Eat nutritious meals, go for walks, and get support for your mental health if needed. Stay connected in a safe way with family and friends. Remember, you are not alone and even though you have responsibilities to your team, you also have a responsibility for your own wellness.

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