Sharing (Safely) is Caring: the Security of ShareFile


Sharing is caring. That’s a popular saying, but we feel it should be amended slightly. Sharing carefully is caring. When you share information online, you could unintentionally be sharing computer viruses and releasing personal data.

In our last blog post, we told you about our commitment to keeping your information and data safe. That’s why we recommend Xero accounting software to our clients, and why we use the security of ShareFile during our daily operations.

Today, let’s take a look at the security of ShareFile.

What is ShareFile?

ShareFile is an online application that allows for the secure transfer of information within and without of a business. Use the security of ShareFile to transfer documents, get signatures, and more.

What Makes ShareFile so Secure?

The security of ShareFile is seen in its encryption process. Every email you send, and every attachment you use, is highly encrypted. Just seeing that a file is encrypted is a huge deterrent to a hacker, and few will waste time trying to decode your documents. Most hackers prefer to spend their time attacking unencrypted files.

Sometimes you have to transfer very large files, like high-res photos or book-sized documents. In those cases, the security of ShareFile utilizes locked-down digital storage, so you can safely upload your files to its FTP (file transfer protocol) site.

Of course, you know your business better than anyone, and that is why ShareFile allows you to customize the application. You get to decide who (both within and without) your company sees your files, and you get to decide what level of access they have to them as well.

What is a Data Centre?

The security of ShareFile is also seen in the use of their data centres. What is a data centre? Think of it as the place where your “hard drive” lives, when you work on the cloud. Data centres are large, temperature controlled facilities that are designed to withstand natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes. They are also protected against violence to the building itself, with high levels of on-site security, thick walls, monitored access points and fully vetted employees.

Within these secure centres sit company servers. Instead of having a server in an office building, where its security is always compromised, smart companies use the cloud, keeping their data in servers inside these extremely secure facilities. ShareFile is one such company that makes use of data centres, so that its users know their company information is always 100 per cent protected.

AF Uses the Security of ShareFile

We use ShareFile because we value your business. We know that the information you give us is sensitive and private. Your financials are the core of your company; this is information that does not need to be hacked. AF Accounting has never had a data breach incident. You can trust us with every balance sheet, tax document, email and letter.

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