AF Accounting Keeps You Safe from Data Breaches


With all of the data breaches hitting the news these days, everyone is a little on edge about how secure their data is. However, while this is (and should be) a concern for everyone, this is a particularly concerning issue for businesses whose reputations depend on their ability to protect and control access to confidential information. While this issue has had a big impact on the companies whose security measures couldn’t hold up against the ingenuity of modern day hackers, AF Accounting is still standing strong and secure due to the effort we put into keeping our clients’ information safe.

Our firm has always believed in optimizing our accounting processes by combining professional service with effective and innovative technology to strengthen your foundations and enable financial growth, but we also know that a big part of the success of our firm, as well as your business, lies in our ability to maintain effective security solutions.

How do we combine innovative and effective accounting processes with top-of-the-line security solutions? By investing in the best software on the market: Xero and ShareFile.

Preventing Data Breaches with Xero

We use Xero accounting software to help you effectively track financial matters, see real-time cash flow, to provide you with accounting, invoicing, bank reconciliation, exchange rates for more than 160 currencies worldwide, and to offer you powerful reporting tools. Xero is an innovative piece of accounting software that can make accounting processes easier for you to monitor and analyze, but it is also among the leading accounting software in terms of data security.

With AF Accounting, you don’t just have access to the best accounting software on the market; you also have access to the highest level of security available.

How Xero Keeps Your Data Safe

Xero software uses cloud technology; its security measures have never been breached, and it has never lost customer data.

We know how sensitive your financial data is. That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure it is so heavily protected against all potential data breaches. This includes protection against unauthorized access and system failures. Xero has a series of security controls and procedures—and these are being continuously updated to safeguard your private, financial information from even the most current threats, whether those include accidental mishaps or deliberate attacks.

Xero uses multiple layers of security to tightly control access to the information it manages and stores. First, it limits access to your organization’s data.  Only you control who has access to your account. You determine what users see or do when they are granted that access. In addition, Xero provides extra security at log-in with two-step authentication. Every time you log in, you must enter a unique code that is generated by an app on your smartphone. This makes it a lot more difficult for anyone to hack into your account. Finally, we keep your information private and only use it for purposes that you have agreed to. For example, allowing Xero Support to view your data while they help you with a feature.

Preventing Data Breaches with ShareFile

Of course, when running a business, secure information is shared among parties. That’s why AF Accounting also uses ShareFile. ShareFile provides a means of opening the lines of communication safety. With ShareFile, important documents are shared internally and externally while maintaining security throughout the exchange.

AF Accounting – A Name you can Trust

AF Accounting knows how important the security of your financial data is, and that’s why we have taken so many steps to safeguard all of your data against any breach of security, no matter what. Contact us today to learn more about the lengths we go through to keep your data secure while still ensuring it can do the work necessary to keeping your business moving forward.

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