Revenu Québec Announces My Account Deadline Extensions


Those that use My Account’s online business services through a power of attorney or other such representation now have until October 13, 2017, to submit their required documents to Revenu Québec.

Who can Access My Account?

There are two types of people that can access My Account on behalf of your business. The first is the ex-officio representative. That’s a fancy way of saying, the individual that represents a sole proprietorship; the representative of a corporation such as the CEO, president or accountant; or a partner in a partnership scenario.

The second way is to set up an authorized representative. These are people that are not inside your organization, such as a contracted accounting service or someone you wish to have power of attorney over your business affairs.

Why does Revenu Québec need Documentation?

Naturally, you need your online tax and accounting information to be very private. Being open to piracy and unscrupulous actions can have devastating financial results. There is also the threat of identity theft.

A recent example of a huge financial blow to a large institution is the phishing scam that rocked Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, where more than $11 million was transferred to scammers that were mimicking real accounts.

You cannot be too careful when it comes to your financials and tax information. Restricting access to who can work with My Account, and having levels of identity authentication, takes a bit of paperwork to set up, but it pays off big time for peace of mind and document/financial security.

What Documents are Required?

By October 13, ensure you have documents filed with Revenu Quebec that prove your authorization to act on behalf of the company. These documents are:

  • A resolution letter from the company’s board of directors, or
  • A power of attorney letter for those that have been designated as a business officer by the corporation, sole proprietorship or partnership, and/or
  • Any requested documents listed in My Account that prove designation, outside of a resolution or power of attorney, to act on the company’s behalf.

My Account has samples of the applicable documents. Certain forms and documents are not accepted as proof of power of attorney, so please read the samples carefully and procure the correct documentation.

Can I Submit Documents Online?

Yes! Submit your documents right in the My Account application and receive an email once your documents are processed. What happens if your documents do not arrive in time? Or if the wrong ones are submitted? You may lose access to the Manage User Accounts and Manage Business Authorizations and Powers of Attorney sections. Restricted access starts on November 12 of this year.

Don’t Delay

If you need to provide additional documentation to Revenue Québec so you can continue to access My Account, don’t delay! Take advantage of the extension so you can continue to use the online services without interruption.



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