Oh! Canada! Share the Joy of Entrepreneurship!


Canada recently turned 150. Comparatively speaking, Canada is pretty young. We may not have a history that stretches back to BC, but in just 150 short years, Canada is making a huge impact around the world.

So Many Great Things about Canada!

Canadians enjoy a lot of freedoms that are restricted in many parts of the world. Canada is incredibly diverse, and the influx of talent into our country from all over the world has enhanced the communities in which it takes root. We have ups and downs thanks to our dependence on oil, However, it’s a rich country that takes care of its citizens and provides access to health and social care. Our gun laws dramatically decrease incidences of gun violence (just look to our southern neighbours to see the difference here). Our maternal/paternal leave policies allow both men and women to enjoy growing their families without losing their place in the working world.

Canada from a Small Business Perspective

In Canada, it’s very easy to take control of your career and launch a small business. In most cases, all you need to get started is an Internet connection, a good idea, a willingness to work hard and a viable product or service. From there, the doors of the world are wide open. Your small business in Quebec could be providing services to a corporation in India. The product you manufacture in Montreal may include parts from China.

Government, private and corporate programs abound to help entrepreneurs make their way in the world. From angel investing to small business tax credits, people, government and institutions at every level want to see entrepreneurs succeed.

Canada, Share the Joy!

There’s no about it, Canada is a wonderful place for entrepreneurs. AF Accounting encourages you to pay it forward. There are many entrepreneurs around the world that are not doing what they love because of a burning passion, they are doing it just to survive another day and feed their families.

You can help.

Take a look at Kiva. This is a micro-lending facilitator that helps entrepreneurs in developing countries expand their businesses. For just $25 in a one-time loan – not a donation, a loan – you can change an entire family’s life. The loans are repaid over time, and you can select the type of business you wish to support.

Cheers to Many More Years

Canada isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty great. We are strong, proud and free and we can choose our success by climbing the corporate ladder, or creating the corporate ladder. Raise your glass and cheer 150 years, with many more prosperous ones to come, and give a hand up to like-minded entrepreneurs in developing countries that don’t have the same access to support and services as we do here in the North.

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