Small Business Solutions


What is a solution? It’s a way or method of solving a problem or difficult situation. At AF Accounting, we like the word “solution” because that is what we offer our clients.

What are our small business solutions?

Running a small business is not easy and one of the most pressing concerns is cash flow and money management. Yet, it can be frustrating to be at the desk day in, day out, going over the numbers when you want to be out doing the passion that you based your business on.  We have a solution for that! Our cash flow, budgeting and forecasting services get you away from the desk doing the hands-on work you love, while knowing that the financial day-to-day duties are in the hands of experts.

Need a CFO?

But wait! What if it’s not just the sales reports or expenses you need help with? What if your business is growing and you need the services of a part-time financial manager? You could go through the long and expensive hiring process and then hope he or she fits into your corporate culture and doesn’t resign shortly after training – or you could use another one of our expert small business solutions:  virtual CFO.

Growing businesses need to spend more time on money management. Let AF Accounting be your virtual chief financial officer and you’ll save time and money. Time because there is no need to source, hire and train a staff member that you may not yet be able to take on financially, and money because we work on a contract basis while managing your funds.  You save money while your money is handled in way to make it work for you. What a great, win-win solution!

Taxing Problems

Some problems are more complicated than others. For example, if your company purchases property in the States, you give or receive donations, or your list of products and services expands, your tax needs will also change. We have yet to hear any small business say how they love doing taxes! Taxes can be complicated and mistakes on your forms may lead to costly penalties.

This is why tax advice and planning are two more small business solutions that we offer. We make a point of knowing the tax laws so you don’t have to. Don’t struggle with whether or not you can claim something or if you’ve moved up or down in a bracket. Let us help.

Year End

Like “spring cleaning”, most people dread the words “year end”. Yet, we find those two words to be so delightful! The reports, the GST/QST/PST/HST forms, the financial statements – what could be better? Okay, perhaps we feel this way because we have so much experience in creating and managing year end documents that are CPA compliant.  Year end is just one more solution we offer small businesses.

What are you waiting for? Our solutions are designed to benefit you. Contact us today to get started.

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