Leveraging Revenu Québec’s Online Services


Revenu Québec encourages individuals and businesses to use its online services to expedite reporting, filing, and to avoid the ongoing postal delays caused by the pandemic. Having an online account reduces your need to call in and wait on hold, as your documents and communications are all in one handy, secure location.

What Online Services Are Available from Revenu Québec?

My Account

Revenu Québec’s My Account has several options. Start by visiting the institution’s home page for individuals (citizens). From there, click My Account at the top right side of the page. The drop-down menu provides information and/or sign-up access for individuals, businesses, professional representatives, and partners.


If you are a business that must remit provincial tax, you can register for a business number online, as well as file and remit online.

Partner Software Services

Revenu Québec has authorized several software providers to help you with your GST/HST/QST returns. You can see a list of those partners by clicking the Authorized Products link from the Partners page.

Bank Partners for Making Payments

Individuals and businesses can make payments via their financial institution. To do this, you need a payment code. Next, log into your bank, go to the bill payment section, and add Revenu Québec – Code de paiement. Enter your payment code. From there you can make a payment as you would any other bill.

Access to Forms, Tools, and Support

Revenu Québec’s Online Services page has quick links for individuals and businesses. The links take you to services, forms, publications, and tools.

The Benefit of Online Services

Using Revenu Québec’s online services and online partners not only saves you time but also helps to keep you organized and increases your data security. Items can get delayed or lost in the mail, and storing important information on your own hard drive can mean missing out on security updates that help prevent you from being hacked. While no system is 100% secure, a lot of resources go into government-level security for financial sites, and their cloud-based services automatically update so you never have to worry about downloading patches or upgrades.

Working with Your Accountant

Be even more efficient by authorizing your accountant to act on your behalf. A professional accountant can help you with your daily booking and accounting, and/or help you get organized to file your taxes. Your accountant can even file on your behalf, which greatly reduces your risk of being audited. Accountants have their own high levels of data security, are updated on the latest changes to the Tax Act, and can help you navigate the many changes to this year’s tax season that were made to accommodate the issues caused by  COVID-19 (changing filing dates, taxable emergency benefits, etc.).

Tax time can be stressful but there are many ways to ease the burden. Sign up for My Account, use Revenu Québec’s online services, and work with an accountant. Doing this will help you reclaim your time and increase your data security.

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