Head to the Cloud


“They’ve got their head in the clouds,” is an old expression that means someone’s dreams are outpacing their realities. However, when we talk about “the cloud” these days, we are talking about something that should be every business owner’s reality. Today we will discuss the cloud, what it is, and why you need it – especially since COVID-19 and the rise of e-commerce is radically changing how and where we work.

What is the cloud?

The cloud replaces your on-site servers. It is a network of servers in a secure, remote location. Those servers not only contain your data but receive the necessary upgrades without you having to update your own servers or software. The facilities that host servers are very secure, temperature-controlled, and have rigorous protection measures against natural disasters.

Why you should embrace the cloud

The cloud means you don’t need to have a dedicated IT person constantly monitoring, securing, and updating your server(s). Instead, you share a hosting fee (or spend a little more for a private hosting space). Since the facilities are secure against theft, fire, hacking, and more, your data is safer than if you were to store it on site.

Cloud access

One of the many reasons, besides efficiency and increased security, why the cloud is more important than ever, is because it can be accessed remotely by a number of authorized users. As the workplace moves to a work-from-home or more hybrid, flexible approach, having your team access important documents, templates, forms, etc. from work or from home is important. The cloud also allows for a centralized place for collaborative projects. Nothing is worse than having many people edit an important document, and each person has their own copy! With the cloud, several people can update the same document, resulting in fewer errors and faster production.

The cloud and e-commerce

E-commerce was on the rise before the pandemic, and now more people than ever are turning to sites like Amazon and Shopify to sell goods. Cloud accounting systems like A2X seamlessly intergrade into top e-commerce seller platforms, allowing for efficient bookkeeping that accounts for global currencies and international clients. A2X is updated remotely, so once downloaded, getting the newest version is as simple as saying “yes” when prompted to download. Should you travel or something happens to your place of operations, your accounting data remains secure on the cloud, enabling you to return to business faster.

AF Accounting’s cloud based services

AF Accounting was a very early adopter of cloud-based technology, enabling us to serve clients across Canada from our base in Quebec. In addition to our own suite of services, we are Gold Partners with Xero and an A2X expert.

Cloud accounting is the modern way for businesses of all sizes, and for both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce companies, to enjoy a more secure, more efficient, and more progressive way to do business. Contact us today to learn about how cloud accounting can be part of your business growth strategy.

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