What You Need to Know about Taxes and Passenger Transportation in Québec


Whether you encourage your team to carpool to work to lower your company’s carbon footprint or if you drive an Uber as a side gig, you must report to Revenu Québec. Let’s take a closer look at your obligations.


Carpooling is a great way to bond with co-workers while producing less carbon emissions, but carpooling can come at a cost. Coworkers may chip in to help pay for gas. If you are on the receiving end of compensation for being in a carpool, you do not have to report it as income as long as the amounts only cover the transportation costs. You would report income if you profited from being a carpool driver.

The same goes for drivers that operate through rideshare programs booked online (not counting driving for established corporations like Uber or Lyft). If your compensation is equal to expenses, no reporting is needed but if the compensation turns into earnings, it is considered income.

Limo and Taxi Service

You may not operate a taxi or limo in Québec without first being registered to collect and remit GST and QST, even if your sales are below $30,000 during the fiscal year. Additionally, you must report all of your business income, regardless of the amount.

Limo and taxi drivers must use what is called accrual accounting. This means reporting income (whether or not the income was received) and deducting expenses (whether or not you paid your expenses) during the fiscal period in which the income and expenses occurred.

Some professional drivers have access to tax credits, which can be read about in further detail on the  Revenu Québec website.


Revenu Québec considers Uber drivers to be self employed. Therefore, you are viewed as a sole proprietor. You must report your income using the accrual method noted above.

While you must also register for GST and QST, Uber Canada Inc. and Rasier Operations B.V. collects and remits GST and QST on your behalf. Limitations apply; visit Revenu Québec’s Uber Drivers page for more details.

Don’t Fall Behind in Your Reporting

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