New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners


It’s that time again when everyone is making New Year’s resolutions, but these goals don’t have to be strictly personal. As the owner of a small business, why not make some resolutions for your company as well? We have some suggestions!

Resolve to Get the Help for the Business that you Need

As accountants that specialize in working with Canadian small business owners, we can attest to this fact: doing what you love is not profitable unless you can also attend to the other side of the company – accounting, marketing, taxes, HR, PR, etc.Many small business owners are overwhelmed by this side of running things and have a tendency to procrastinate while they focus on being creative and productive.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to reach out for the help you need, especially with your accounting. Firms like ours provide a variety of services so companies of all sizes can pick and choose what they need. It may be one-time tax help or a virtual CFO. The key is to realize you don’t have to take care of the bookkeeping,payroll, tax preparation, filing and all the other financial aspects of the business on your own.

 This also goes for marketing, HR, and even office cleaning. It is not counterproductive to spend a little of the profits to hire people who specialize in areas in which you struggle. When those aspects are taken care of, you have more time – and more clarity – for the creative process you love.

Resolve to Encourage Healthy Behaviour in your Staff

Your staff enable your business to run, but productivity is not just about what happens in the office or workshop. Healthy, active staff are happier and more productive. As the boss, you can encourage each team member to enjoy a healthier life.

Support healthy choices by replacing the break room donuts with fruit and veggie trays,allowing five minute walk breaks each hour, and stocking the fridge with water instead of soda. Have lunch-and-learn sessions with nutritionists and start a noon-hour walking club.

Resolve to Keep Limited Working Hours

The days of the 9-5 are long gone. The life of being accessible for work 24/7 is here – and it’s not healthy. Smartphones, working remotely, laptops, and everything else that enables us to contact the team at all hours and keep them working in and out of the office erodes work/life balance.

 Your team will be more productive if they have time for friends, family, hobbies and relaxation. When there is a proper balance, they will also be much more willing to put in those extra hours when a project actually demands it.

 Do not think that working around the clock equals productivity. A balanced approach is the most productive way to get the job done.

Resolve to Say Thank You

It’s a small effort with a huge payoff; saying thank you should be part of your daily life. When you sincerely let your staff know you appreciate their hard work, they are much more willing to go the extra mile and are happier at work. Again, this is a New Year’s resolution for small business owners that is directly tied to productivity.

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Have to be Grand Gestures

This year, set aside the resolution to hit a $1 million in sales, move to a glass shrouded office uptown, or get that shiny new fleet.Those are wonderful goals, but they can be achieved in a much more sustainable fashion when you focus on the health and well being of yourself, your team, and your company. Take care of that and the success will follow.

 Here’s another way to be more efficient in the New Year – work towards a paperless office with these helpful tips.

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