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Our mission goes beyond offering outstanding accounting services. We want to help the small business community excel. This is why our services are à-la-carte. Clients choose what they need, from one-time tax preparation to full virtual CFO services. We also provide small business help on our blog and social media.

Today, business is all about the global market. Everyone has access to group-sourced capital, online marketing, and cloud-based software. We are excited to help small businesses use cloud-based accounting apps. When A2X software, the automated accounting app for Amazon sellers, hit the market, we knew setting up our clients with this service was important.

What we love:

  •  It’s compatible with Xero: AF Accounting has Gold Partner status with Xero, a cloud-based accounting app suitable for all types of business. Amazon has its own settlement procedure for each sale; so, we love the fact that these programs merge for maximum efficiency. 
  • It’s compatible with QuickBooks: QuickBooks is one of the world’s most-used accounting software. A2X software seamlessly merges with QuickBooks. Therefore, small businesses don’t have to run two separate systems to include tracking and managing Amazon sales. 
  • It’s automated: A2X automatically fetches Amazon settlements and can be fully customized to fetch data by SKU, product type, country, and more. No data entry? That’s a major timesaver.
  • Customers love it: There is no greater validation for a product than rousing customers reviews, and A2X has that. The application currently boasts a five-star rating, glowing testimonials, and is a finalist in the QuickBooks App Showdown.
  • A2X is incredibly secure: In this day and age of rampant data breaches, AF Accounting goes the extra mile to keep your personal and business information safe. So, we only support cloud-based apps that take your data security as seriously as we do. A2X leverages Google Cloud and connects via the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.
  • Remote Access: AF Accounting is based in Montreal and helps small business owners across Canada. Since A2X is cloud based, we can set it up for clients anywhere in Canada. Cloud software means not waiting on disks for upgrades, or compromised security with an on-site server. Therefore, we love how this application is truly designed to work and grow with progressive Amazon sellers with an eye on the global market.

A2X Software

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 Helping small businesses excel is our passion. With A2X, Amazon sellers can really take their businesses to the next level. Contact us today if you are a Canadian small business selling on Amazon, or if you are a business in need of help with your accounting and bookkeeping.

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