New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners


Small business owners know their jobs are a blend of passion, persistence and hustle. It’s not easy to carve out a niche in a world where Walmart dominates the goods markets and multi-national firms take care of the services. However, with innovation, creativity, drive, and a whole lot of heart, small businesses make a name for themselves, giving their entrepreneurial owners the satisfaction of making money doing something they love. For all you hardworking entrepreneurs out there, here are four New Year’s resolutions for small business owners.

  1. Be more social – social media, that is

One of the best returns of the value of your time and dollars is social media, which is why this tops the list of New Year’s resolutions for small business owners. Spend some time discovering which platform(s) are ideal for you – you don’t have to be on all of them. Crafty/female-inspired products connect with audiences on Pinterest. Corporate services do well on LinkedIn. Entertainment businesses loved Twitter. Discover where your clients are and start crafting those posts, pins and tweets. You can use services like Hootsuite to make posting to multiple platforms quick and easy. Social media is about sharing why your clients should come to you, so use the platforms to entertain and inform, not just sell.


  1. Take care of yourself

Forget resolving to hit the gym five days a week and only eat poached chicken and steamed broccoli. Instead, set small, attainable goals that will ramp up your health and energy. Perhaps it’s one serving of fruit with breakfast and two veggie servings with dinner. Maybe you resolve to make and bring your lunch to work. Perhaps you aim to walk three days a week. Small healthy changes equal big gains for your body, mind and soul – and when those three are in order, you are sharper and more productive as the head of your business.


  1. Give back

Giving back helps you maintain perspective – something that is very easy to lose as an entrepreneur. Make giving back one of your New Year’s Resolutions for small business owners so you can step away from the pressure of running your company and do something that helps others while recharging your own batteries. Volunteer. Donate to a cause. Get the entire team involved in something like Habitat for Humanity. There are many ways to give back in your community.


  1. Delegate

We know this is one of the hardest things for company owners to do, but you need to make delegating one of your New Year’s resolutions for small business owners. You cannot work full time and do all the housework and cooking on your own; you cannot do the marketing, accounting, product development and client management on your own; you cannot take care of your health and work 85+ hours a week on your own. Let your family help with the cooking and cleaning. Let your team do their jobs. Outsource aspects of the company such as accounting, office cleaning, social media management and marketing.


AF Accounting is here to Help Small Business Owners with their New Year’s Resolutions

Our expertise will work for you in 2018 and beyond. Rely on the team at AF Accounting to remove the burden of tax planning, year-end accounting, budgeting, forecasting and more from your busy shoulders. Delegation is key to your success, and delegating your accounting to us is one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make.  We are the home of cloud accounting for small businesses, and we want to make 2018 your best year in business – with many more successful years to come.


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