The Power of Xero Accounting Software


As professional accountants in Montreal, with a focus on serving the small-to-medium sized business community, we have seen a lot of different accounting methods over the years. A lot of apps and programs promise efficiency; how do you know which one is the best?

Personally, we are huge fans of Xero. Such huge fans, in fact, that our enthusiasm for empowering our clients with Xero has earned us Gold Partner status with the firm. We are extremely proud of this fact, but even prouder to know that we have helped more than 100 small businesses maximize their profits with Xero.

Here are a few reasons why Xero is right for you.

Xero accounting software works for all sorts of businesses

It doesn’t matter if your business is a tech startup, a charming coffee café, an Amazon re-selling service, construction contracting or a non-profit. Xero works with all types of businesses.

Xero accounting software is designed for small businesses

The needs of a small business are very different from the needs of a multi-national firm. Rather than focus on massive payroll scales, looming data sheets and programs aimed at companies with hundreds of employees, Xero focuses on the needs of the small business owner, providing tools that are scalable and flexible to remain efficient as the company grows.

Xero accounting software is an all-in-one solution

Xero does more than basic business accounting. Through Xero, company owners can accept payments, produce quotes, handle multiple currencies, expense claims, invoice, and more. The application also provides asset management and advisor tools to help you grow your business.

Xero accounting software is on the cloud

The current state and future of business is the cloud. Xero is housed remotely on a server. You access this server with your log in. Instead of having your own expensive IT server room, and your own IT manager to maintain it and to update the software with each change, all the changes, security and upgrades take place on the cloud. When you log in, you are automatically getting the latest version of the software, and highest level of security.

Since Xero is cloud based, you save money on data security and the physical overhead of an office. You are not tied to an office at all – you can work remotely, tapping into Xero on multiple devices and on all major computing platforms.

Xero accounting software is affordable

We like that such a robust accounting program not only provides a free trial period, but also keeps costs manageable for small businesses. Xero is just $20/month for the starter package, $30/month for the standard package and $40/month for premium.

Contact us today to discuss how Xero can work for you

Our focus is on empowering small businesses with expert accounting services. Whether we are providing you with a virtual CFO, budgeting, tax preparation or year-end accounting, we have the accounting solutions you need. Xero is one of the tools we deploy in helping small businesses succeed. Contact us today to learn about Xero and the many other services we provide.

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