Three Very Simple Apps that Your Boost Productivity


When you own a company, anything that can affordably boost productivity is very important. You are working long hours and may not be in a position to hire the full time staff you need. There is no doubt that those early years as an entrepreneur are hard ones (even if they are very mentally rewarding), so here are some free apps that will help share the workload, leaving you time to focus on your business.

Schedule your Appointments with Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free application that runs online, on Android and on Apple devices. It can be synced across multiple devices so you can enter appointments and reminders from your personal Gmail account, your GSuite business account or from your computer. Notifications can be set days or minutes in advance and you can collaborate with others by adding them to appointments, events, and more. For businesses, this means quickly setting and getting to appointments (the attached Google Map feature can open your map’s navigation tool), easily scheduling group meetings or collaborations, and getting reminders so your important meetings don’t slip your mind. Google Calendar also allows for colour coding so you can mark your business engagements in one colour and your personal ones in another; and if you add a location or trigger certain keywords, like “coffee”, you get some pretty neat graphics in the background in your schedule.

Eliminate Paper Scraps with Color Notes

So simple yet so brilliant, Color Notes is an app that moves sticky notes to your phone. Notes can be pinned to your status bar or pop up with a timed reminder. Notes are available blank, or as a to-do list that allows you to check off items. For businesses, this means having one place to keep track of ideas, short lists (like what you need for office supplies), a quick place to jot down names and numbers at networking events, etc. Color Notes means no more hunting for the scraps of paper that you wrote important information on…and then wrapped your gum in by mistake!

Boost Productivity With Step Counters

What does a fitness tracker app have to do with productivity? Everything! There are numerous free step counter apps for iPhone and Android that do not rely on a wearable fitness device like FitBit.

One of today’s biggest health concerns is how immobile humans have become in North America. The ideal step count for a reasonably healthy adult is 10,000 steps per day, but with drive through fast food, drive through banks, countless hours at your desk and Netflix downtime, most Canadian’s aren’t getting regular exercise, let alone getting close to that 10,000 step goal. Download a step counter, pop your phone in your pocket and make sure you are getting up and moving. Soon you’ll be walking down the hall instead of using the phone to talk to your staff, going for a quick walk around the block at lunch and parking at the back of the lot – anything to see those step numbers go up. This boosts your productivity because being active gives you better mental clarity, focus and drive.

There are many complicated apps that can help your small business, but don’t forget how effective the simple things, like making a schedule, having to-do lists and being active, can be as well.

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