Changes You Can Make Now to Save Time and Money – and to be Prepared if Canada Post Strikes


The on again/off again Canada Post strike may have you wondering how you will meet your obligations or get your mail if postal workers eventually do walk off the job. Don’t be alarmed by that possibility. Today’s technology means you can continue to run your business smoothly, even if your mail service is interrupted. In fact, this is the perfect time change your processes so you can sail through a strike while also increasing efficiency and saving money.

No more cheques

If you accept or issue cheques, consider direct deposit instead. If you are a mid-to-large size company, your bank can help you with digital payment processing. If you are a small or home-based business, use Interact e-transfer to send and/or receive payments. You can also issue receipts and pay stubs by email. If you have international clients, use PayPal. There is a fee, but when compared to processing international fees through your bank, you may come out ahead. With a proper digital backup system in place for your financial records, you’ll save plenty of money on paper processing and filing, and your staff and vendors will appreciate the convenience.

Your publications

Do you issue a newsletter or other printed documents on a weekly or monthly basis? Use an online newsletter service such as Mail Chimp to send your newsletters, sales flyers and promotions. You can easily reach thousands of clients while getting detailed reports about the success of each campaign.


Do you keep copies of MoneySense, Forbes or other magazines around the office and encourage your staff to read them? Most major magazines have a digital version that can be easily viewed online. If you have a magazine subscription, you likely have access to the online version too. But you don’t have to give your staff access to the magazine account – you can simply point your staff in the direction of the magazine’s website, where feature articles, polls, quizzes and blogs await. You can also encourage your staff to check out Zino, and make recommendations on which magazines you feel align with your company’s objectives.

Parcels, letters and documents

Why send monthly statements, letters and other basic correspondence by mail when you can save on postage by using email? If you have important documents, such as legal forms, that require signatures, websites like DocuSign and HelloSign allow you to send, receive and sign correspondence online. If you need to send parcels, UPS, FedEx and local courier services can fill the Canada Post gap. When you sign up for a business account with a courier, you could be eligible for better rates. Even if you pay more to move parcels than through Canada Post, your clients will appreciate the faster service and the ability to track their parcels; and better service means more business for you!

These are just four ways you can keep business moving in the event of a strike, but they are also ideas you can put into practice anytime to save money and to increase your efficiency and productivity. Take advantage of the affordable technology around you and use it to enhance how your business operates.

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