Boost Productivity in the Workplace


Small business owners know that time is money, so they want their employees to work as efficiently as possible. You can help them with this efficiency by doing these three easy things that may seem small, but have a big impact on productivity.

Install a Water Cooler

According to a Leger Consumer Survey, 44 per cent of Canadians do not drink enough water. People that don’t drink enough water can be plagued by joint pains, fatigue and lethargy. They feel hungrier than their hydrated coworkers and can also suffer from that dreaded “brain fog”. Achy, tired, hungry employees are not productive workers. By installing a water cooler you encourage your staff to stay hydrated, and you also provide them with a chance to get up and move around a bit (to get a drink and later run to the washroom because of that drink!). This is a bonus since sitting for extended periods of time without movement has been proven to be a health hazard.

 Mini Fitness Challenges 

Speaking of movement, you can’t force a gym membership on your employees (although most would be happy to have you offer one, even if they don’t use it) but you can create opportunities for movement throughout the day in the workplace. Offer extended lunches for those that want to take a 20 minute walk after they eat. Put up squat challenge checklists in the washrooms and have people record on the sheet how many squats they did after washing their hands. You can bet the element of competition will get you a staff full of toned thighs in no time! Install desk accessories to allow office workers to convert their work-space to a standing desk for part of the day. If you work next to a green space, hold walking meetings. Not only will movement during the day increase productivity, it will also help to lower work stress.

Hire the right contractors

You can save money and stress by allowing each employee to work to their strengths. While it is common for staff of startups and small businesses to do double duty on tasks to save on operating costs, asking your administrative assistant to also do the company’s payroll and taxes when he or she has no bookkeeping experience is not a good idea. Likewise, expecting your field staff to type and format long reports and then coil bind them may get you a few raised eyebrows. Look outside of your company for experts like accountants, cleaners and tech support so your team can focus on what is in their job description.

The majority of the workforce wants to be engaged and productive where they work. By incorporating a few simple but meaningful changes, you’ll have a happier, healthier, more productive team in no time at all.

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