Small Business Help: Five Productivity Killers that Hurt Your Business


Remember the 90’s when corporate buzzwords were all the rage? While we were busy “maximizing and realizing our output” while “colouring our parachutes” and chanting positive slogans before work, one tried and true work strategy quietly continued to make headway in the small business world: focusing on productivity.

You see, it doesn’t matter how loud you and your team yell “Today is going to be awesome! Sell, sell, sell!” before each shift and it doesn’t matter if you arrange the figurines on your desk into power poses; if the team is not productive, sales suffer.

Here are five things that kill productivity – and how to fix them.


Have a team member that likes to blare the radio? Have a chatty co-worker that keeps you at his or her desk for 20 minutes explaining their views on the latest celebrity tweet? Haven’t blocked Facebook from the company server? Put policies in place that call for headphones to reduce noise, break times for non-work socialization and limited access to social media during work hours.


Meetings can be a great way to share ideas and assign tasks, but only if they are structured properly. Have an agenda and move through it efficiently. Ask yourself if the meeting is really necessary or if the topics can be handled in group email or through teamwork software. Unnecessary meetings interrupt work flow and unorganized meetings waste everyone’s time.


It’s impossible to get into a good work flow when you can’t find the supplies you need, your customers are left at the sales desk or on hold as you hunt for paperwork or the office is so messy, it discourages you and your clients from being in the building. Clean up and get organized to keep productivity high.


Do your employees have enough work to keep them challenged (but not completely overwhelmed)? Do they have access to training to keep their skills sharp? Are there opportunities to grow and move within the company? Feeling stuck in one’s job can lead to eyeing more enticing career options elsewhere.

Lack of incentives

Do you offer benefits? Flex time? Work from home days? Today’s employees care more about quality of life than just a great paycheck. Keep them engaged with incentives that make them want to work for you and not your competition.

Don’t let these five productivity killers get you down; but while you are busy making sure your staff are not distracted, are engaged in their work and loving the extra incentives, make sure your productivity stays high too! One way you can do this is to use our outstanding accounting services. We can handle everything from bookkeeping to corporate taxes. We can provide a virtual CFO to handle your complete range of accounting needs or simply help you adjust your budget so you can stay profitable. Whatever your needs are, AF Accounting has a solution that takes the burden off your shoulders and ensures you remain as productive as possible.

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