How to Make 2016 Your Most Productive Year So Far


Building and running a business is hard, but it is also very rewarding. Seeing your staff all working towards a common goal, watching your dream unfold – it’s a great feeling! As we gear up for 2016, here are some tips on how to make this your business’ most productive year yet, and to set you up for continued success in the future.

Get Fit

What does fitness have to do with your workplace? Plenty. When you are healthy, your productivity increases. A fit body and clear mind has the energy and vision to take the company places. If you’ve been neglecting your exercise time, take a good look at your schedule. Can you do a walk in the morning before work? What about a walking club at noon? Can you hit the gym on your way home? Find time for fitness and your body – and business – will thank you.

What’s the plan: Make a plan

What are your goals for 2016? Expand your client base? Hire more staff? Maintain the same level of productivity but focus on giving the best possible customer service? Figure out your main goals for 2016 and share them with your staff. Check in at your quarterly meetings to see if you are meeting those goals. When everyone knows exactly what they are working towards, they remain focused and dedicated.


Work, family, activities and life in general make it hard to achieve that all important balance, but when one area of your life is out of whack, it affects everything else. If you are missing family time, you’ll be distracted at work. If you spend all your time coaching your son’s hockey team, your work team suffers. The way to achieve balance is to (a) be realistic about your time and capabilities (b) focus on the areas you know you can excel (c) delegate the rest. Everyone can pitch in for family chores. You can say no to that extra committee request and there are many business-related duties that can be contracted to a firm or even a virtual assistant. That’s a great way to get the extra help you need while keeping overhead costs in line.

Financial Audit

Are your profit margins where you want them to be? If not, what changes can you make to get them there? Are there areas where you can cut back? Don’t just coast along because things are going well. Take a good look at your financials, including pulling credit reports and reviewing salaries to ensure you are a competitive employer, and adjust as needed.


Inspiration leads to great things. Find something that inspires you and refreshes your spirit and in turn, be an inspiration to your team. Be approachable, open to their ideas, passionate about your company and willing to lead the team. An inspired team is a productive team so cultivate a workplace where people can learn, grow, work and thrive.

New years mean new beginnings, so make January 2016 the start of something great for you, your team, your business and your community.

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