Small Business Help: Higher Education


There are many great things about owning your own business, including getting to do what you love. However, the key to a successful business does not just hinge on your passion. You can be great at what you do and love doing it all  day long, but you still have to pay the bills, maintain your staff, account for growth or economic downturns, advertise, launch a website, learn about SEO….the list is endless! Thanks to the Internet, however, there are several ways you can educate yourself in the many different facets of running a company of any size – and many of these ways are very cost effective.

Higher Education Strategy 1: Go Back to School

Most post-secondary institutions have evening, weekend, distance and online courses that make it easy to fit education into your schedule. In addition to adding to your diplomas and certificates, you’ll also be around like-minded individuals that can significantly expand your network.

However, what if you just need to brush up on some skills and don’t want to take a full course?

Higher Education Strategy 2: Non-Certified Learning

A great way to pick up skills – and we are taking about everything here from nail art to 3D animation, marketing and advertising to self-publishing and photography – check out websites such as Lynda, The Great Courses, and Udemy. For a small fee, and sometimes for free, you get video content delivered by industry professionals. Courses are rated by students so you get a sense of how well the course will work for you before you buy. This is a great, affordable, convenient way to learn something new that can help to grow your business.

Higher Education Strategy 3: Established Networks

Most business owners are very altruistic and once they have established their companies they often help other small businesses grow. Such business owners get involved in established networks like Startup Canada, Canada Business Network and even the less formal MeetUp. In these networks, successful business owners offer services in the form of advice, blogs, seminars and conferences. By joining or following these networks on social media, you’ll have access to a wealth of useful information that will take your business to the next level.

Higher Education Strategy 4: Other People’s Education

The most important thing for an entrepreneur to learn is that he or she cannot do everything. Delegating and contracting is truly the key to success. Sure, in the beginning you can get by with online software that helps you build and optimize a website, track your expenses or help you with e-commerce, but as you grow, your needs expand.

Recognize when it’s time to rely on people that educated themselves specifically for target markets. AF Accounting, for example, is passionate about all things accounting. There will come a time when you will need a deeper understanding of tax law, your exemptions, what and when to file and so much more. When that time comes, you can go back to school get a degree in accounting, or you can contact us so you have more time to do the work that you truly love.

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