Smartphone apps that help you manage your business


There’s a reason our latest phones are called “smartphones”. Today’s mobile phones have evolved so far from their simple call and answer functions that we rely on them for everything from news, weather, up-to-the-minute traffic reports, games and entertainment and texting. Oh yeah, sometimes we even use our phones to make calls.

Smartphones are a great boon for the busy entrepreneur. With an emerging company and all the work that goes with it, time is very precious resource. Here are some apps that help you manage your time, sanity and business.

  1. Facebook: The social media app is more than a way to let your friends and family know about your latest status. Facebook is a powerful marketing and network tool, and it helps you stay connected to your clients and vendors.
  1. Skype: If you can’t meet in person to discuss business, contracts, mergers, products and stock, a Skype conversation is the next best thing. Suitable for Android, iPhone, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Nokia X and Amazon Fire, the Skype app gives you free instant messaging, face-to-face calling, file sharing and more.
  1. Dropbox: Have files that need to be shared with multiple people or photos too large to send by email? It’s Dropbox to the rescue. The app provides all the functionality of the computer program, meaning you can send, receive and share large files while on the go.
  1. Games: Why are app games important for entrepreneurs? Brain breaks during busy work days are a vital part of efficiency. Taking a few minutes to shoot Angry Birds at sullen pigs or coming up with the perfect word combination in Words With Friends can refresh you and give you better focus for the rest of the day’s tasks. Just don’t get so addicted you lose half a day trying to beat a level!
  1. Mint: The money app helps you organize and understand your personal finance, but did you know it can help you organize your business finances too? Built by TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint Bills and Quicken, you know this app covers all the basis of good money management.
  1. Square: The Square reader attaches to your smartphone, turning it into the perfect debit/credit machine. Low transaction fees allow you to keep more of your money while the little Square’s portability means you can get paid for your work whether you are manning a booth at a showcase or dropping off a painting for a client.
  1. Evernote: From photos to articles, scanned documents to audio files, Evernote helps you organize the information you find, and gives you quick access to it when you’re ready to use it.

These are just some of the many apps entrepreneurs use to get organized, save time, manage documents and increase efficiency. Visit your smartphone’s app store today and take advantage of the many applications, most of which are free, that help both you and your business.

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